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What The Players Say

C4 Network provides a unique access for players to promote themselves. Here you can see some of the players’ feedback on what they have experienced so far.

What The Players Say

C4 is giving players like me a shot to showcase ourselves. I know I am good enough to have a career, and now I can show clubs and agents what I can do.

With C4 I can upload my progress and statistics, and promote my skills. I have had contacts from agents who want to represent me, and I hope to be recruited by clubs in near future.

Simple and easy to use. C4 is not too complicated and is very easy to get started on. All the basics you need to showcase your talent are here. I’m happy there’s a focused network like C4 for everyone to show their skills.

With C4 now I can actively pursue my dream of playing outside of Canada, while I’m training on improving my game. I am updating my profile with more and more professional content and look forward to have more contacts from agents and representatives.

It’s about time female soccer players can demonstrate their skills. With C4 and more tools like C4 women’s soccer’s profile can be raised and us players can get recognition.

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