Football Recruitment Made Simple

See how our network benefits players, clubs and agencies by eliminating unnecessary processes and costs, while giving players at all levels a real chance to succeed.

How It Works

Using C4 Network, players promote themselves; clubs search, find, monitor and sign talented players; and agents/agencies can build their portfolio by recruiting players their clients desire from all over the world.

Players: Promote Yourself

Our network allows players to build a profile, update statistics, upload videos and photos, write match reports, submit coach reports and be viewed and scouted by clubs and agents from all over the world.

Clubs: Monitor Thousands of Players

Gain a huge competitive edge by starting to monitor players in all age groups, all over the world, at lowest possible cost. Search, find, track and review activities of thousands of talented players. Recruit players of all ages and levels directly, without dealing with middlemen. Avoid over the top, unnecessary agent fees.

Agencies: Add Talent to Your Portfolio

Build a solid foundation for your business by having regular, practically unlimited access to players from all age groups across the globe. Eliminate unnecessary scouting expenses by having immediate access to talented players all over the world. Shortlist and add players to your portfolio with ease.

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